Monday, September 16, 2019

046 - Beware of HopeFest

With the manic-energy of a Sam Raimi film, Jerelle Fisher (MC) and Sofia Monaro (DJ/Keys) and their BEWARE brand, take the stage, leaving only rubble in the wake of their amazing live show. Personally, I’m of the cruising and blasting sort, either way there’s satisfaction to be had. Raw talent, raw expression, exquisite tracks, and you’re being taken on a journey, that’s all. As guests, I’ve never had an easier time moving through a recorded discussion and maintaining energy than with this twosome. Recently they rocked the Belmont Village Bestival in Waterloo, and they’ll be back in Waterloo for HopeFest THIS COMING SATURDAY… find out more on that in the episode.

I also managed to get KW’s Scene Dad Kyle Wappler of Have Hope over, mid-Beware-session, to hangout and instead of adding a solo-tag, I extended the outro into a full 2nd chat-record, with Kyle, talking all about HopeFest 2019, the scene, Have Hope and we even reminisced briefly on the legendary 519Punk era. In another life I would have been somewhere between my three guests in age, and we would be hanging out all the time, I fucking love’m all. Please listen and get the info. Obviously!

Please, if you enjoyed hearing the tunes…
1. Jerelle - “Look No Further” (feat. Raven J) (online single 2019)
2. Kali Kazoo - “Delete My History” (from ‘Bleed Darker & Deeper Than The Seas Of Hell’, 2019)
3. Jerelle - “Don’t Miss” (online single 2019)
4. Jerelle - “Blue Flame” (feat. KVNE) (online single 2019)
5. Jonah Ray - “Welcome To (Amish) Paradise” (from ‘You Can’t Call Me Al', 2019)

Tata! Love - Me.