Monday, September 9, 2019

045 - Sarah Lexia

Quite a while ago, I started chatting about pop-culture with an Aussie on instagram. This conversation ultimately lead-to a "PLEASE be on the podcast". Now Sarah Lexia, an evolving internet personality, has allot in her own right to bring to the table and chat about, from professional dancing, to modelling and brand ambassador-ing... but you'll see here that we kept a loving focus, on Australia, and the wonderful performing talent that has emerged from there over the years. I really enjoyed the hangout, Sarah's personality shines and enabled me to be extra goofy.. and thanks to the flippin' Coffee Lodge Sarnia for letting me record there!!!

After that, I catch you up on tings such as I dunno, my article in The Community Edition!? Then I show you what my latest internet word-game attempt yielded... It's an experience that i've finally decided to round out, by implementing the "5 song rule" in which through the course of listening to the show, you'll hear 5 songs intros and all , whether or not 1-3 of them are performed by a musical guest live-off-the-floor.

The ongoing Todd Donald show's coffee shop playlist this week...
1. Harriet Nauer - The Island (off Standing At The Heavenly Gates, 2014)
2. Vienna D'Amato Hall - Surrender (off Long Stay Hotel, 2019)
3. Stephen Trothen - Leaves (off Learns To Knit, 2008)
4. Sue Passmore - 10 & 2 (off 87 Miles, 2006)
5. The Lo-Fi Mind - So Bad (off 04/20/2014, 2014)

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