Friday, October 4, 2019

048 - Evan Corneil

Evan Corneil is now both a member of the Waterloo Region's music scene, and recently resident of the Waterloo Region. I was able to meet this nice feller at the Rhapsody Barrell Bar open-mic in DTK, he went up on stage and rocked his original material, and then he was also a sweet SOB to chat with. Having him over ended up with a few hours of hanging out, and then trying to rush this podcast... but that was still fun too. Enjoy this chat, including a trio of acoustic live-off-the-floor Evan Corneil tunes.

We talked about his small-town upbringing and musical influences, which unlike the rock n’ roll clichĂ©, leads into some interesting stories of coercing people to play bass, dumping bands and coming up with intentionally stupid-but-awesome bandnames... and we could riff on that. Anyway, as I already said, sweet dude.

Included with Evan's original material, is some more music, by the amazing Amy Rola, and L.A.'s Jonah Ray. Please, if you enjoy any of the music you hear on this episode, go find the albums and support the artists!!! Nothing beats the real thing : D

Amy Rola - Missing Piece
Jonah Ray - Reptilicus (New Wave)
Evan Corneil - Farther To Fall [Live on TDS]
Evan Corneil - Don't Look Down [Live on TDS]
Evan Corneil - (I Know You Like) The Night Sky [Live on TDS]

Tata! Love - Me.


Friday, September 27, 2019

047 - Brittany Pyatt

I met comedian Brittany Pyatt at an open-mic at The Rich Uncle Tavern in Kitchener, and through a few more chats at local-live-music we made this podcast episode happen. Now, I would typically see a friend in pain and slow my roll as a goofball for the podcast to match, and we DID talk about a recent pain in the life of this stand-up act, but I still tried to use what I could as a springboard to zing the status quo, and make myself laugh. With understanding and resilience, it didn't affect our chat. Brittany is a funny and offbeat gal, who like many, is just trying to navigate the constantly under-construction, minefield of dating/relationships, which is not unlike trying to drive around a certain region I know... We also talked about movies!

Here's the first posting in our new Thursday time-slot! Such has always been based on my work schedule, being that as much work as this takes, it's still the passion project and not the income generator, but you know this already. Featuring music by CityWide Panic, Jessie T, Mike Todd, Kristina Stapelfeld and Carly & Mark.

Please, if you enjoyed hearing the tunes... SUPPORT THE MOTHERFUCKING ARTISTS/BANDS
1. CityWide Panic - "High Hopes" (from 'Johnny's Garage' - EP, 2018)
2. Jessie T - "La La Love" (from 'Reckless Heart', 2016)
3. Mike Todd - "Feedin' You" (from 'Good Man', 2016)
4. Kristina Stapelfeld - "Hemisphere" (from 'Kristina Stapelfeld', 2016)
5. Carly and Mark - "Morning Light Praying" (from 'New City Morning', 2008)

Tata! Love - Me.


Monday, September 16, 2019

046 - Beware of HopeFest

With the manic-energy of a Sam Raimi film, Jerelle Fisher (MC) and Sofia Monaro (DJ/Keys) and their BEWARE brand, take the stage, leaving only rubble in the wake of their amazing live show. Personally, I’m of the cruising and blasting sort, either way there’s satisfaction to be had. Raw talent, raw expression, exquisite tracks, and you’re being taken on a journey, that’s all. As guests, I’ve never had an easier time moving through a recorded discussion and maintaining energy than with this twosome. Recently they rocked the Belmont Village Bestival in Waterloo, and they’ll be back in Waterloo for HopeFest THIS COMING SATURDAY… find out more on that in the episode.

I also managed to get KW’s Scene Dad Kyle Wappler of Have Hope over, mid-Beware-session, to hangout and instead of adding a solo-tag, I extended the outro into a full 2nd chat-record, with Kyle, talking all about HopeFest 2019, the scene, Have Hope and we even reminisced briefly on the legendary 519Punk era. In another life I would have been somewhere between my three guests in age, and we would be hanging out all the time, I fucking love’m all. Please listen and get the info. Obviously!

Please, if you enjoyed hearing the tunes…
1. Jerelle - “Look No Further” (feat. Raven J) (online single 2019)
2. Kali Kazoo - “Delete My History” (from ‘Bleed Darker & Deeper Than The Seas Of Hell’, 2019)
3. Jerelle - “Don’t Miss” (online single 2019)
4. Jerelle - “Blue Flame” (feat. KVNE) (online single 2019)
5. Jonah Ray - “Welcome To (Amish) Paradise” (from ‘You Can’t Call Me Al', 2019)

Tata! Love - Me.


Monday, September 9, 2019

045 - Sarah Lexia

Quite a while ago, I started chatting about pop-culture with an Aussie on instagram. This conversation ultimately lead-to a "PLEASE be on the podcast". Now Sarah Lexia, an evolving internet personality, has allot in her own right to bring to the table and chat about, from professional dancing, to modelling and brand ambassador-ing... but you'll see here that we kept a loving focus, on Australia, and the wonderful performing talent that has emerged from there over the years. I really enjoyed the hangout, Sarah's personality shines and enabled me to be extra goofy.. and thanks to the flippin' Coffee Lodge Sarnia for letting me record there!!!

After that, I catch you up on tings such as I dunno, my article in The Community Edition!? Then I show you what my latest internet word-game attempt yielded... It's an experience that i've finally decided to round out, by implementing the "5 song rule" in which through the course of listening to the show, you'll hear 5 songs intros and all , whether or not 1-3 of them are performed by a musical guest live-off-the-floor.

The ongoing Todd Donald show's coffee shop playlist this week...
1. Harriet Nauer - The Island (off Standing At The Heavenly Gates, 2014)
2. Vienna D'Amato Hall - Surrender (off Long Stay Hotel, 2019)
3. Stephen Trothen - Leaves (off Learns To Knit, 2008)
4. Sue Passmore - 10 & 2 (off 87 Miles, 2006)
5. The Lo-Fi Mind - So Bad (off 04/20/2014, 2014)

Website update soon! Tata! Love - Me.


Thursday, September 5, 2019


Article by Kaitlyn Severin
Photo by Lucia Liu

For over a decade, Todd Donald has worked to make his voice heard in Waterloo Region. Now, as the host of the local podcast, The Coffeehouse Crowd, Donald is ready to evolve with the renaming of his show, The Todd Donald Show.

The Todd Donald Show is a weekly podcast that features local artists, musicians and community advocates based within Kitchener-Waterloo and is hosted, of course, by Donald. What was originally an un-branding of a podcast Donald had participated in before, The Coffeehouse Crowd, has been posting their episodes to listeners for over a year.

While it doesn’t take place in a coffee shop itself, the idea surrounding the podcast originally stemmed from the atmosphere of a local cafe, where individuals can talk freely and openly about art, music and community events. “I wanted to recreate the experience of chatting with other artists and hearing them play at a coffee house,” Donald said. “Cafes have a thing where people who don’t feel like they fit in [can go in to] have intellectual conversations about art.”

Now, Donald is renaming The Coffeehouse Crowd podcast to the “Todd Donald Show.” While the show is going through the rebrand, Donald notes that the Todd Donald Show will continue on as The Coffeehouse Crowd — it will include some of the same guests, touch on the same themes and will be relevant in KW.

“I would consider the renaming of the show almost like an un-branding,” said Donald.

“It forces me, as someone who’s not good at branding, to keep evolving what I do.”

In the mid-to-late-2000’s, Donald attended Conestoga College to specialize in radio broadcasting. While attending, Donald took over the college radio program “The British Invasion,” which he rebranded from a punk rock radio show to an indie rock show. Being a singer/songwriter, Donald invited his fellow musician friends to come on the show to play their music, promote their work or just goof off.

After moving on from Conestoga College, Donald has shifted his creative side and passion for broadcasting to the world of digital podcasting, hence the conception of The Coffeehouse Crowd.

Since its first episode in September 2018, Donald has interviewed a variety of fellow podcasters, artists and musicians in the Region, many of whom are close friends and colleagues on his podcast. He has brought on the hosts of fellow KW podcast Ape Audio, as well as the hosts of the KW feminist podcast FemWaves, Wendy Huenul and Kate Schlitt, to The Coffeehouse Crowd. They have discussed everything from the local music scene, to growing up in the ever-changing Waterloo Region.

“We all find people interesting on social media from a distance, [but it’s great] to actually have a genuine relationship that exist in two hours,” said Donald.

“[Having a podcast has] informed me a lot about myself and how others analyze what they’re trying to do creatively and how candid one is. You deal with people who have prepared things to say and people who do not.”

While the podcast is currently in the midst of changes, Donald still wants his listeners to believe they’re not just listening in on a conversation, but rather they are being comforted by familiar and new voices that make up the Region.

“I also feel that the greatest podcast will always be the most entertaining ones, the most interesting ones rich with giving you an experience and have no agenda,” Donald concluded.

“My desire for the listener is they feel like they’re hanging out with people.”

Monday, September 2, 2019

044 - Luke Cyrus Hunter

With electric piano in hand (plus arm and waist), singer/songwriter and trained musician Luke Cyrus Hunter dropped by to nerd out with me about music. It's been 10+ years since his old band Stereola was here, so we did a bit of catching up, took a deeper dive into his beginnings and Luke performed three songs solo, live-off-the-floor... Goodness!! In this episode I also bring you Todd's Word-Game Fun #2, where we see what happens when you name restaurants after rappers. Tata! Love - Me.


Monday, August 26, 2019

043 - Samantha Mirandola

I wish I had as much talent and spirit at 21, as actor and author Samantha Mirandola. She was a delightful guest, enthusiastic about being on the show and kind to me even with as ghastly as my appearance. I'm into reading her new novel dream-catalyst (infact if you have me on goodreads...), and I'm thinking THIS is the beginning of a very promising journey! Please say hello or clap or some kind of response, to Samantha Mirandola. Also at the end, I ramble about Being John Malkovich, and introduce an attempt at my first creative game - where YOU get to be a part of the show-kind of : ). Tata! Love - Me.